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E-cigarettes are very popular these days, and there are many different brands of vapes on the market.
We will introduce the vape brands that is best suited to your needs and desires in each category.
We hope this will help you choose the vape that best suits your needs!
Recommended e-cigarette vape for beginners
For beginners, we recommend «starter kits» or «disposable» e-cigarettes that come complete with liquid!
The price is cheap, and if you choose a basic one, you can use it as a benchmark for your future e-cigarette choices, so we recommend a standard vape as a good place to start.
Please refer to this article for a beginner’s guide. We’ll compare recommended vapes along with our impressions of several e-cigarettes we’ve actually smoked!
Manager’s Recommended E-Cigarette Vape
I have experienced about 20 types of e-cigarettes in total, so I will introduce my «Recommended E-Cigarette Vape»!
I’m not a beginner, but I’d like to try different e-cigarettes… I’m not picky, so I’d like to know your recommendation! If you are not a beginner, but would like to try a different e-cigarette… but I’m not particularly picky, please let me know your recommendation!
The e-cigarettes in the above images are especially recommended vapes. Click on the image to jump to the article for details and reviews of each product, so if you are interested, please check them out!
Recommended menthol-strength vape liquids
Various brands offer menthol flavors, but for menthol intensity, we recommend THE Frienbr SHOP’s Strong Menthol or Hard Blast Menthol!
Click here to read our article for menthol lovers. I have experienced many different brands of menthol flavors, but so far I have not come across a menthol that is more refreshing than Frienbr. LOL!
Recommended e-cigarette vape for very cheap
Here are some recommended e-cigarette vapes that are less expensive than 5,000 yen and have even better quality.
If you are looking for a very inexpensive e-cigarette, please refer to this article!
E-cigarettes that are too cheap have their drawbacks, but the e-cigarettes introduced here are sold by well established companies.
I personally do not recommend looking for e-cigarettes of unknown origin on Amazon or second-hand sites just because they are «cheap» because it is risky.
Recommended e-cigarette vape with «great amount of smoke» and explosive smoke
Many people may not feel like they have smoked much with a disposable vape that produces a small amount of smoke. Here’s a vape with enough smoke explosion to do the trick!
If you think that the amount of smoke from your current e-cigarette is not so great, here is an article we recommend.
If you are looking for a recommended e-cigarette vape with a high smoke rate, please take a look at this article, as the smoking experience can change considerably just by changing the body of the vape!
No liquid change! Recommended Disposable E-Cigarette Vape
For those who say, «I’m looking for a disposable e-cigarette because I don’t like the hassle of changing the liquid.
Recently, disposable e-cigarettes are becoming popular. Disposable e-cigarettes are different from traditional liquid-change type e-cigarettes in that they do not require a liquid liquid change.
If you feel that changing liquid is a hassle…, please refer to this article.
We will give you information on recommended disposable vapes that are easy to change the liquid (the liquid is contained in a cartridge, etc., and you just need to change it).